• Andrew Busby

Time, Ladies & Gentlemen Please

In a Covid world, it seems that events can both change and evolve rapidly. Hot on the heels of a new lockdown in the north east of England being announced and possible curfews at pubs across the country, comes the news that we could either go into another national lockdown or at the very least see hospitality shut down once more to try to stop the spread of the disease.

It's being described as a "circuit break" in order to try to prevent the new rapid spread of the virus and it's unlikely that it will be welcomed by many, now used to rediscovering at least a partial return of their freedom.

But not everyone agrees with the need, Chief Executive of UK Hospitality, Kate Nicholls, went on record today as saying that she believed that "hospitality is the safest place to be" and that the spread is in the wider community. Following the science was never more strained than as now. According to the BBC, at a meeting on Wednesday night, the government's chief scientific adviser and medical officer predicted another serious outbreak of the disease.

They forecast that there would be a significant number of deaths by the end of October if there were no further interventions. This, whilst it appears the majority of the population are worried that their Christmas celebrations might be impeded. One thing's for sure, there's a lot between us and Christmas and many twists and turns in the road lie ahead.

However, against this backdrop, the need to keep premises safe and clean from viruses and bacteria is more paramount than ever. And with furlough planned to unwind at the end of next month, it will only heighten already existing anxieties people naturally experience when faced with an extremely uncertain future.

At SafePrem Solutions, we already have an impressive list of partners to help allay these fears, however our ambitions are to grow this into a directory which any sector, business, public body can access according to their own specific requirements. No one size fits all, except for the absolute imperative to keep staff and customers alike, safe and to reassure people that they are entering a safe, clean, virus free premises.

That need is not ephemeral, newly embedded behaviours will remain for a long time to come. Long after we have forgotten the 10pm curfew or the lockdowns. It's been said that the 'new normal' is not normal at all and there's a truth in that. However, we believe that out of all of this, we will gradually navigate our way to a new 'better normal'. It's just that it will take some time.

Andrew Busby is a Co-Founder of SafePrem Solutions Limited

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