• Andrew Busby

Open Letter To The CEOs Of Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's And Tesco

Throughout this pandemic, retail, and especially the grocery sector, has continued to support the British public. Workers in shops and supermarkets have rightly been identified as key workers, in recognition of the vital role which they play in keeping the country going.

The news that Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are to ban anyone not wearing a face covering (other than those who are medically exempt) is to be welcomed. And whilst it has taken longer than necessary to act upon this, it is clear that it is a necessary and justified step.

The grocery sector has undoubtedly prospered during this pandemic and whilst no-one would begrudge this, nevertheless, we feel that you have an inherent duty of care to invest and keep investing in all of our safety. Yes, your customers have a responsibility, but this must be reciprocal, and it is clear that so much more could and should be done in order to ensure the safety of your staff and customers alike. Perspex screens and one-way systems do not in themselves ensure a safe premises.

At SafePrem ® Solutions, we share with you a passion for retail, and an acute concern for the future of the sector as we continue to feel unsafe in these environs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the driving forces behind creating the world’s first independent directory of Covid safe solutions, was in order to support the very industry for which we have such passion for. And now, as the pandemic reaches such a critical phase where retail is facing tougher restrictions and potential sanctions for non-compliance, we offer our services to you in order to support the sector in any way we can.

Whether it be by providing better queuing systems, store occupancy management, safer protection for all surface contact, cleaner air or properly regulated social distancing. Included in our directory are measures which allow shops and supermarkets the means by which to achieve all of these things, over and above the level of protection which face coverings and one-way systems can provide.

And whilst we are a commercial enterprise, half of all the revenue we generate is passed back to retail charities.

Our contact details are at the foot of this letter. We will respond instantly to a request to meet and explain as suits your schedule. Our aim is to play our part in returning public and business confidence by helping to make us all SAFER.

Yours Sincerely

SafePrem ® Solutions

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