• Pat Kelly

No more running away

It’s perhaps the inescapable reality of Covid. We all wish for a freedom path to get through it and we all feel as though we’ve done our time under restrictions and enough is enough. However we all know that a sprint for freedom will not be only watched by a lazy virus that’ll just wait for a slower mover to strike down. More and more are citing the example of Sweden. That card is too early to be played. The population per square kilometre in that country is ten times smaller than the more populous UK, and the Swedish winter beckons. So restrictions are being ramped up and there’s no more talk of an end to it in just a few short weeks. So now we have to take the route of living safely with the virus. We have to find the SAFER way to keep the kids in school, get ourselves back to the office and to freely shop, dine and drink. We are in it for the long term, so let’s now explore the long term solutions. The clamour to get governments to extend furlough schemes needs to change course.

It was always suspected that a policy of restrictions and rules would eventually be met with fatigue, scepticism and ultimately refusal. The body populace can be forgiven for asking where our previous loyalty and acquiescence has gotten us to. There clearly has to be a change of tack. Money, OUR money, cant just be thrown at a policy to stop the economy in it’s tracks. Calls to extend furlough, if met, will purely add more height to the mountain of debt that will eventually have to be clawed back to the detriment of generations to come.


What news of vaccine trials? It has all gone rather eerily quiet, save for the sabre rattling Putin cure and Trump’s pledge to have one just in time to have US citizens clamouring to the polls in his favour. The real deal is that it’s a long, meticulous and arduous process that was always going to take longer than our emergency timescales were striving for.

So a different way must be sought. A way that fights back against the virus in a defiant but productive way. All over the globe there are clever, innovative and ingenious solutions being worked up that will make it easier and SAFER for us to ‘get back to life’. Unfortunately snake oil is being produced alongside the real solutions and a ‘truth finder’ service is needed to sift the real from the fools gold.

We should all lobby government to get us back to life in a SAFER way, by investing in solutions and not adding to the cost of paralysis.

We have to learn to live with this virus and we have to use the incredible ingenuity that exists around the world to help us succeed in that aim.

A place to go, that’s informed, up to date and trusted, is what’s needed now.

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