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Killing Granny With Kindness This Christmas

Well, we certainly hope not, but, fearing that if some sort of a compromise wasn't found, and that therefor there would be a complete free for all, the Government has announced that three families can form a Christmas bauble - sorry, bubble and have themselves a very Merry Christmas. But is that following the science? Something we've all been told the Government are doing, time after time throughout this pandemic.

Certainly, one leading member of Sage, Professor Andrew Hayward believes it isn't, commenting that allowing families to mix over Christmas was like, "throwing fuel on the Covid fire". Adding that, it would "definitely lead to increased transmission and likely lead to a third wave of infections with hospitals being overrun, and more unnecessary deaths."

And Paul Hunter, professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, said the relaxation of restrictions at Christmas will "almost inevitably" lead to an increase in transmission but that the increase could be "relatively short-lived" if England's new tier system is better managed than in October".

In other words, a flexing of restrictions hoping that people will exercise common sense and their own good judgement. But, a bit like many other risks we take in life, there appears to be signs that a dangerous attitude of, "this won't happen to me" is emerging and at the risk of, "I told you so", it really doesn't, given the history of this virus already, take much to appreciate the likely scenario come the middle of January.

Yet there are plenty of people who pour scorn on such an opinion, saying it's all a scam, or that it's an unwanted and unjustified intrusion on our civil liberty. That we should all be allowed to make our own decisions and that no Government (much less this one) should determine whether we see our loved ones at Christmas or not.

And on the face of it, there is an argument for advocacy of this perspective, after all, the population hasn't been subject to such restrictions such WWII. Think back to March, and the mere idea of curfews on mainland United Kingdom was something abhorrent, they only apply to far flung war zones, surely? And yet, here we are with just that and, possibly worse, are we becoming used to it?

But there has to be a balance between public health and civil liberty and often the line between the two is shrouded in a fog of misunderstanding and confusion.

And with’s left to the great British people. We’ve had a chequered track record so far, add the ‘leave your cares behind’ element of Christmas, and trouble could be brewing. Overall it’s the right thing, as there’s nothing that would get the backs up of our nation’s populace than a Scrooge Christmas as dictated by our national governments.

The worst amongst us will sadly run amok and, as sure as the needles on our Christmas trees will drop come January, so we will have to count the extent of the damage done and pay our penance as we pack the decorations away for another year.

Andrew Busby is Co-Founder of SafePrem Solutions

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