• Pat Kelly

Are We Learning To Live With The Virus Or Just To Live In Hope?

March 23rd 2020 seems an awful long time ago but of course, that’s the day when we first went into lockdown in the UK. No more socialising, no more going to the pub, no more family get togethers. That was the day the fun was sucked out of our lives and, once the initial novelty had quickly worn off, like a balloon we all felt totally deflated.

Fast forward to lockdown 2.0 which came into effect on November 5th 2020, and Covid fatigue has well and truly set in. This is leading to a polarisation of views, from those who remain in abject fear of the unseen enemy, to those who are openly flaunting lockdown and carrying on regardless. The path best travelled is somewhere between the two.

And there’s such an interesting paradox here. We do need to face up to Covid with less fear. But as with anything, the extremes are not paths to be trodden. No fear does not mean reckless abandon.

The virus cannot be ignored but equally we can’t let it continue to strangle the life out of us and our economy. Everything we do has an element of risk attached to it. Drive a car and we enter a risk arena, walk the streets and a risk could present itself around each corner. Even the act of eating and drinking carries risks.

Yes, it is a fact that in the course of our everyday lives we are constantly managing risk and making risk assessments on almost a continual basis. Yes, some are very small, almost innocuous and we perform the task sub-consciously, but nevertheless, we are assessing risks throughout the day.

But we manage these risks. We take the care necessary to avoid harm and we function. This is exactly what we need to do with the virus. Test, track and trace needs to be a working process rather than an ever failing gravy train.

Vaccine development must continue to be prioritised until we arrive at the winning formula. And we must devise safety into our every day lives and interactions. If we do all of these things and we all follow a consistent message. We can all live the life we planned, pretty much to it’s fullest.

Two constituents need to get this message and run with it. Us and the Government that leads us. It’s doable and it’s overdue!

Pat Kelly is a Co-Founder of SafePrem Solutions

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