The origins of SafePrem®  Solutions can be traced back to March 2020, when life as we knew it came to an end when lockdown began as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Austrian firms Alphadisplay and Alphabird quickly realised that there would be a need to regulate the flow of customers into premises and jointly developed a system using sensors and digital signage, utilising a traffic light system.

They approached Andrew to seek his views on the viability of the solution in a retail environment. The result was a collaboration to take the solution to market. However, Andrew soon realised that there was a much wider need across all public premises. Virtually all the vendors marketing Covid secure products were doing so in isolation, no-one was looking at the holistic end to end journey.

As is often the case, almost by accident, they were introduced to other complimentary solutions to Alphabird, covering other elements of the journey through public building spaces, and the genesis of what would become SafePrem® was formed.

As lockdown rules developed in countries around the world, both continued to seek out best of breed solutions in order to build a suite of products that would provide that end to end solution.

During this process retail veteran, Pat, came on board and shortly afterwards SafePrem® Solutions was born, together with the SAFER Journey® methodology.

The result is a unique framework around each of the journey points that we can all follow when interacting within any public premises. Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Offices, Convention Centres, Stadia, Shops and Restaurants are all public spaces that desperately require a solid and sequenced approach to public and staff safety.

By partnering with innovative solution providers after checking their effectiveness in their part of the SAFER Journey®, SafePrem® always remains at the forefront of leading solutions in the business of public premises safety.