SmartPrem Directory.

For business and premises owners across all sectors, one thing the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted is the need for physical premises in all sectors to accelerate their digital journey. Customer demand and expectation for digital engagement has never been greater than now.


For this reason, we have created the SmartPrem™ Solutions Directory, the world’s first independent directory portal for approved, accredited products and solutions designed to bring best of breed digital solutions to enable premises of all types to level up with their digital online competitors. This is a resource freely available for everyone to reference.

To be included in the SmartPrem Solutions Directory, the following criteria will need to be met:


  • The product should fit within the SMART Journey

  • Appropriate accreditation must be held 

  • The proposition should display a point of differentiation

  • The organisation should be innovative in their field

  • The product or solution must be part of their core business

Please navigate the main menu to browse the SmartPrem Solutions Directory.