About Inspirecling

Purecling Self Clean Antimicrobial (ISO 22196) is providing solutions to anything and everything that we all touch on a regular basis, and we are working with  providing innovative solutions to the Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Travel, Event, Educational, Home, Leisure sector and more in protecting surfaces we all touch from cross contamination.

The film uses Silver Ion antimicrobial technology and is encapsulated within the structure of the film, rather than being applied as a coating. This preserves the protective properties against regular abrasive cleaning, delivering stable, long-lasting performance.


The silver ions in the film act upon the cell membrane of bacterium and break it down resulting in the very effective and reliable termination of the bacterium and its proliferation. The active agent works by depriving microbes of the conditions they need to survive and spread. The film delivers over 99.99% proven protection against growth of specific microbes, guaranteed for 2 years.